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Be aware of the tire know ledge to 
use the tire correctly.Be aware of the tire know ledge to use the tire correctly.

Tire pressure need to do regular inspection. Use accurate tire pressure measuring machine to check it at least once a month. Because of low/high pressure will cause tire excessive abrasion and rupture. Meanwhile, it will cause the tire temperature too high and fuel consumption increase even blow the tire. Checking the tire pressure should make the tire in normal temperature and half an hour after parking the car. The reason is that tire pressure will rise after car running 1.6km, the data of tire pressure is not accurate at that time. For tire slow leak, the reasons maybe nail puncture to the tire or tire scratch. It is very dangerous to drive the car on the highway under tire slow leak. You must stop the drive immediately and check the tire. Install Steelmate TPMS will automatically monitor tires in real-time for pressure. In the meanwhile, make sure the tire pressure on the right condition when the car is driving.

Trouble shootingTrouble shooting

Steelmate TPMS can help you to avoid and prevent your tire from above situation.

Mistake on the tire pressure awarenessMistake on the tire pressure awareness

Tire structure knowledgeTire structure knowledge

Symbol interpretation of the side of tireSymbol interpretation of the side of tire

  • Tire structure

  • Max load and inflating pressure

  • Tire specification

  • Tire brand

  • Loss limit indicator

  • Manufacturing origin

National legislationNational legislation

After fasten the seat belt, airbag, center high mounted stoplight (CHMSL), etc, some countries endorsed the law for vehicles’ safe configuration. Enforce each car should install TPMS.

Bill Clinton, the former president of USA, mentions in his autobiography of My Life that his farther was dead by the tire blowout accident. Clinton positive promote the legislation to enclose each car should install TPMS during his assume time. At last, the government of George Walker Bush endorsed the legislation. After the legislation of USA government, countries including European Union, China, Japan and Korea etc. have positive promoted the legislation of TPMS law. To reduce the traffic accident caused by tire fault, the countries would like to enforce each car install TPMS in their country through legislation. It"s necessary to build a safety, efficient and environmental protection environment.

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