Car Audio

Most cars aren't designed at the factory to be the best sounding. To have a better sound quality, customers need to upgrade their car audio systems.

Choosing the right system is predominately determined by your customer's music taste, their financial restrictions and space in their cars. The simplest and cost effective solution is to replace the speakers and install a subwoofer in their cars, and this will improve the sound quality substantially.

Steelmate offers affordable high quality (high efficiency chips from TI etc), Easy to install (installation in 45 minutes) and space saving car active subwoofers (with complete high quality cables) and speakers.

We have a large selection of car subwoofers, from slim under car-seat design to eye-catching hot-flame light effects, from normal subwoofers to active ones, in addition, we also offer coaxial speakers and component speaker systems, which will surely satisfy your sophisticated sourcing needs.